Qiniso picks her Top 4 gents! – The Bachelorette SA

30 April 2021
Everything that went down on last night's episode!
Qiniso picks her Top 4 gents! – The Bachelorette SA

What a rollercoaster ride this first season of The Bachelorette SA has been! After 12 weeks of dates, laughter, disappointment, and tears, Qiniso’s dreams of finding her one true love look set to materialise. Big question is: Will it be Gareth, Justin, Swazi or Vuyani?

About last night

The road to the Top 4 hasn’t been easy, and last night was a little rough for Vuyani and Ruan in particular. Missed all the action? Here’s a recap below:

Vuyani and braceletgate

The biggest OMG moment of the night came by way of Vuyani and Qiniso’s dinner-table conversation. While the rest of the gents got busy with preps for an intimate Group Dinner with Q to kick off the week, a bracelet Vuyani was wearing caught her eye. When a curious Qiniso asked Vuyani about it, he told her the bracelet belonged to a friend. Upon closer inspection, said bracelet had an engraving from someone called Candice. We kid you not! Watch below.


Gareth and Q’s date

It wasn’t so much Q and Gareth’s date, but the aftermath of said date that had us entertained. After picking Gareth for some one-on-one time, Qiniso led the lucky gent into a cosy room for a romantic, sensory adventure: chocolate tasting. The two bonded over the yummy treats laid out inf front of them and after gorging to their hearts content, the two eventually found themselves wrapped in each other’s arms on the bed. After hours of chatting (and smooching, of course) Qiniso and Gareth emerged, complete with disheveled hair, and no lipstick in sight. The kicker? The rest of the gents were waiting in the lounge for their reappearance – and it was awkward to say the least


Wrestling Group Date

One thing about Q and Jason? They will make sure we see abs, bay-bay! Love that for all of us, #BachelorNation. This week’s ab-fest came by way of our speedo-clad cuties who went head-to-head for some special time with Qiniso in the ring – and not just any ring; the wrestling ring!

But how do you keep cool, calm, and collected in a speedo? Our host Jason Greer’s got the answers!

Spee-Dos and Don’ts


The FINAL Cocktail Party

We shed a thug tear upon realising this week’s Cocktail Party is the last one of the season. As has come to be expected, there was lots of snogging and many heart-to-hearts about the future. Justin surprised us all with an impromptu slow dance with Qiniso to the tune of…nothing (😍) and we bawled our eyes out when the gang set their intentions for the future and released lanterns into the night sky. Here’s a look!

Ruan’s sad exit

After a powerful evening of reflection, it was time for the moment everyone lives to dread: the Rose Ceremony! This week, one of our fave funnymen, Jon Snow doppelganger Ruan, failed to get a rose.

His watch is ended

Keen to see what happens next on The Bachelorette SA? Tune in next week Thursday at 19:30, only on #MNet101.