Proof Season 1

03 July 2015
Taking a closer look at the TV series Proof.
proof 1

If you grew up in the ‘80s you might well remember the movie Flashdance and its young lead, Jennifer Beals. Thirty years later, she’s all grown up and starring in a brand new show, called Proof.

The series sees Beals cast as Carolyn Tyler, a pragmatic doctor who loses her teenaged son. In the aftermath, she is persuaded by cancer-stricken billionaire Ivan Turing to study reincarnation, near-death experiences, and hauntings in an attempt to search for proof of life after death.

Playing the billionaire is Matthew Modine, well known for his roles in cult films Full Metal Jacket and Birdy. Antagonsing Carolyn’s efforts in her quest is Dr. Charles Richmond whom you may recognise from The Fixer, as well as movies such as Terminator 2: Judgement DaySpeedStealth and American Gangster.

Devotees of House will surely recognise Edi Mue Gathegi, who played Dr. Jeffrey “Big Love” Cole in Season 4. In Proof, he plays an intern who assists Carolyn. There’s also a psychic author thrown into the mix, but whether he’s friend or foe is something Carolyn will have to discover for herself as she is drawn deeper into a complex and uncertain world.

There have been many TV series and movies based on the afterlife - both silly and serious, and at times even romantic. BeetlejuiceGhostThe Lovely BonesWhat Dreams May Come and Flatliners are just a few titles that come to mind. Now it is time for Proof to join the canon.