Presenting Carte Blanche

02 January 2016
Learn more about South Africa's successful actuality programme, Carte Blanche.
carte blanche

Carte Blanche is M-Net’s flagship actuality programme, broadcasting throughout southern Africa every Sunday at 19:00. It has become an institution among South African television audiences, since its inception in 1988.

The programme has won numerous local and international awards for credible journalism and stories that have made a tangible difference. Its short-form films cover everything from breaking news and in-depth investigations into crime and corruption to the inspiring determination of ordinary people.

Carte Blanche is particularly well-known for its investigative work and undercover exposés. This show prides itself on pushing the envelope, providing world-class journalism that keeps its audience riveted and informed.


Meet the Presenters

Derek Watts

Watts has been an anchor and presenter on Carte Blanche since it first started.

Read his blog here.


Bongani Bingwa

Bingwa has been a presenter and journalist on Carte Blanche since 2007.

Read his blog here.


Devi Sankaree Govender

Govender is an investigative journalist who has been with Carte Blanche since 2002.

Read her blog here.


John Webb

Webb has been with Carte Blanche since 2004, presenting current affairs from the field.

Read his blog here.


Claire Mawisa

Television presenter, model and radio personality Mawisa joined the Carte Blanche team in 2015.

Read her blog here.