Over 18s raise your glasses: M-Net Edge is turning one!

16 October 2015
The edgiest television channel on TV is celebrating its first birthday this month.
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The edgiest television channel on TV is celebrating its first birthday this month. Since 20 October 2014, M-Net Edge (channel 102 on DStv) has been delighting TV connoisseurs with only the best, most cutting-edge, highly-acclaimed and award-winning Hollywood series available. 

“M-Net Edge has quickly become known as the channel that pushes the boundaries – the more daring cousin of the family-oriented M-Net 101,” says M-Net’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard. “We know that adult viewers with a taste for gritty and provocative, yet classy and beautifully produced content absolutely love this television offering and we’re looking forward to many more years of superb cutting-edge shows."

A year ago M-Net Edge launched with diverse shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, True Detective, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie that provided much-talked about television moments. Who can forget the Season 5 finale of Game Of Thrones, during which [Spoiler Alert] Jon Snow died. Or did he? The truth will be revealed in April 2016, when M-Net Edge will bring you Season 6 of this groundbreaking series, at the same time that the rest of the world will be entering the Kingdom of Westeros again. 

The return of True Detective brought us some sexy new faces (Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams), who turned out to be just as dark and twisted as the murder mystery itself. Viewers will remember for a long time how Orange Is The New Black’s Uzo Aduba made Emmy history by winning awards in the comedy and drama categories for her role as our favourite inmate, “Crazy Eyes”.

The fearless Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul gave us just enough of Jimmy McGill to satisfy our withdrawals after Breaking Bad’s TV departure. Speaking of addiction, Nurse Jackie’s series finale only left us craving more biting humour.

Now, a year later, M-Net Edge still keeps viewers glued to their screens with current, thought-provoking series. Noah and Alison continue their steamy indiscretions in Season 2 of The Affair (Express on Edge Tuesdays at 01:00 and Prime Time on Wednesdays at 21:00); Golden Globe winner David Duchovny has returned to television after Californication in the brand new crime drama Aquarius (Wednesdays at 20:00), where he stars as a homicide detective who must tackle an investigation into the infamous serial killer, Charles Manson; and secrets and hidden agendas still keep the critically acclaimed Homeland enthralling for Season 5 (Express on M-Net Edge Tuesdays at 01:00 and Prime Time at 21:00).

Then there’s also Masters Of Sex Season 3 (Thursdays at 21:00), which presents us with more banging surprises - after many naughty and bizarre experiments. Masters and Johnson prepare to publish their controversial study on sex - titillating stuff indeed!

But what can you look forward to?  M-Net Edge has more heart-throbbing new content starting soon as a birthday present just for you. The Emmy-nominated writer and producer of Six Feet Under brings us  the critically acclaimed dramedy Transparent Season 1 on Friday, 23 October at 21:00. The producers of Battlestar Galactica bring us an edgy sci-fi thriller, Helix Season 1, Monday 26 October at 19:00 while Jack Black fans can look forward to a new ten-part series, The Brink Season 1 on Friday, 30 October at 21:30 also starting this October.

For the rest of the year (and early next year), the following exciting shows will be on the line-up: The Knick Season 2, Major Crimes Season 4, Person of Interest Season 4, Billions Season 1 (Express), American Odyssey Season 1, Girls Season 5, Shameless Season 6, Satisfaction Season 2, Rock and Roll Season 1 (Express from the US) and many more only on M-Net Edge (102).

If you’re just a tad bit overwhelmed by the many shows, remember, you can catch most M-Net Edge series on DStv Catch Up.

Happy Birthday M-Net Edge! 

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