Nothing But Love

31 October 2016
Here's what you had to say about last night's episode.

Last night's episode saw all kinds of entrepreeurs with all kinds of businesses step into the tank to pitch to the sharks. First up was Andre Groenewald who had a dream to develop a website and app that would be a Facebook for farmers. So confident was he in his product that he made a very bold demand - he wanted all five sharks to bite. He failed, but what he did get, is mixed reactions from viewers. 

After Andre's huge R1.5 Milllion rand ask, Thabiso, a hungry, passionate entrepreneur with a small streetwear apparel business faced the sharks to ask for R300 000. Dawn was sold on him and she pledged her time, attention, and R150 000 of her money to Thabiso and T-Squared. 

Next in the tank was Braam Brand, a biokinetist originall from Namibia, who developed a contraption that could potentiall y make back pain a thing of the past. But the sharks found his idea, and his ask, a little to pricey and a little too risky since he had no medical endoresments. 

Chantelle and Henco Wiid pitched their idea with a cute story of how Chantelle kept asking Henco to take her around the world, with the same response from her risk manager husband, "No, Bokkie. We need to save." And so Creative Doormats was born - a fun business that the couple nurtured in their spare time to build up a holiday fund.

Tune in again next week for another exciting episode of Shark Tank!