Movies that Make you Wanna Play

10 July 2019
Tag! You're it.

That timeless line from many a childhood game – you’re it – is the inspiration for this week’s Sunday night movie on M-Net. Titled Tag, it’s hardly the first movie to take a game (that’s not a video game) as its source of inspiration.

It sounds like an improbable idea that’s unlikely to promise any form of entertainment. Sometimes that’s the case – more often it’s not. Many a toy and board game may have seemed an obscure form of inspiration, but have resulted in a brilliant slice of cinema at its best, and a rollicking romp of entertainment at its worst.

Clue (1985)
Mashing mystery and comedy is this whodunnit based on the board game Cluedo. Starring a post-Rocky Horror, pre-It Tim Curry, the movie was made with three alternate endings, with different cinemas receiving different endings. Although performing poorly at the time, it’s since gained a popular following thanks in part to the humour derived from its genre spoofing.  

Battleship (2012)
Not faring quite as well in its transition from board game to blockbuster, is this actioner starring Taylor Kitsch and Liam Neeson. But while it may have lacked solid story it gave us awesome effects and Rihanna’s theatrical film debut.

The Lego Movie (2014)
The undisputed winner on this list! From its winning story and even more winning characters to the creative genius of its visuals and a stuck-in-your-head-for-hours theme song, everything about this movie is awesome.

Trolls (2016)
Parents everywhere can attest to the endurance of this toy-inspired movie from the repeated viewings their young ones have made them sit through. But its endurance is deserved. With a glitzy voice cast, a catchy soundtrack, endearing characters, fantastic animation, and lots of lots of colour, you’ll find something to love every time you watch.

Game Night (2018)
This one’s not based on a specific game or toy, but rather the idea of friends gathering to play various games, whether it’s trivia, 20 questions, or traditional board games. But game night takes a dark, yet hilarious, turn when an interactive murder-mystery game gets a little too real. It’s filled with thrilling action and plenty of laughs, made all the more enjoyable by its wonderful cast, particularly Billy Magnussen and Jesse Plemons.

With a great cast playing an almost life-long game of tag, your Sunday night movie looks to be just as full of action and comedy.
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