Movies for Mother’s Day

05 May 2022
Movies for mum.
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This Sunday we celebrate mothers! Whether it’s cooking, leading, loving, guiding, or helping us grow, mothers are our role models and our anchors in this stormy sea we call life. Some of us may have lost ours and taken comfort and guidance from another mother figure. Or perhaps you are a mother yourself, waiting to spoil and be spoilt this weekend.

Whichever you have or whichever you are, we celebrate tough female role models on 8 May this year. If you’re planning a weekend in with mum, here are a few movies you can stream on Showmax, inspired by this special day…but remember that you never need to wait for May to say, “thank you, Mom”!

Breaking In
William Congreve said “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, but it could just as easily have been “hell hath no fury like a mother whose children have been threatened”. Gabrielle Union is tough-as-nails in this thriller about a mother who will go to any lengths to protect her children during a frightening home invasion.

Watch Breaking In.

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Lady Bird
What better way to explore mother-daughter relations than through a coming-of-age movie…and Lady Bird is one of the finest in this genre. Written and directed by Greta Gerwig and starring the incomparable Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird is quirky and cute and will have you calling up your mum to apologise for all the times you too were a tempestuous teen.

Watch Lady Bird.

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Of course, mothers are not perfect either as exemplified by the self-involved Rosie Dickson, a mother so absorbed with beauty pageants she doesn't always find time for her own daughter…until said daughter, who’s not your conventional beauty queen, decides to enter a pageant. It stars Jennifer Aniston as Rosie Dickson, boasting a glittering Southern accent, and features plenty of love for Dolly Parton (it is set in the South after all) along with a new song of hers called Girl in the Movies.

Watch Dumplin’.

Fun Mom Dinner
Moms desperately need a break because they’re moms and momming is hard work! Between screaming kids and flying poop, the moms in this kooky comedy finally manage to find time to take a night off. But when a group of mom friends sits down for what is meant to be a relaxing dinner, the night soon escalates into a night of wild abandon instead.

Watch Fun Mom Dinner.

Women of the Movement
We end where we began…with a mother fighting tooth and nail to protect her children. Whereas in Breaking In, Gabrielle Union must protect her children against physical threats, in this moving new miniseries a mother must protect the honour and memory of her son. It’s a harrowing tale, based on the life of Mamie Till-Mobley who was propelled to fight for justice and truth after the brutal murder of her son.

Start watching Women of the Movement.

Whether your mum loves watching drama, comedy, or thrillers, there’s a little something for every mum this Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day!