Monsters on M-Net Movies Showcase

06 October 2015
It’s the month of tricking or treating, and as Halloween edges closer, M-Net Movies Showcase is indulging in a monster collection.
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It’s the month of tricking or treating, and as Halloween edges closer, M-Net Movies Showcase is indulging in a monster collection.

From horrific creatures such as The Thing and The Brundlefly to friendlier folk like Sulley and Mike, monsters come in various shapes, sizes and moods.

As part of our Monster Collection, we decided to take a look at the  unique collection of monsters you can watch on M-Net Movies Showcase this October.

  1. Voldemort

He who must not be named is a monster in both word and deed. Relentlessly pursuing the boy wizard, Harry Potter, prophesied to destroy him, the Dark Lord wreaks terror and havoc from the start of both the books and films. Voldemort’s backstory as an unloved orphan provides insight as to how the monster was created, but fails as justification when compared with Harry’s similar upbringing.

Watch him in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


  1. Frankenstein’s Monster

Originating from Mary Shelley’s novel, the name Frankenstein is often incorrectly attributed to the monster. Frankenstein is actually the name of the doctor who creates the monster. In the book the nameless creature is sensitive, emotional and articulate, only living up to his label when he is rejected by society. However, many movie adaptations depict him as mindless and mute. 


  1. King Kong

King Kong makes the list due to sheer size and ferocity, and he’s a classic in the monster movie canon. But when it comes to character he is every bit as sensitive and emotional as Frankenstein’s monster, only reacting in fury when someone he cares about, namely Ann Darrow, is threatened.


  1. The Basilisk

This is a monster you want to watch out for – actually you’d be better off not watching it at all, since one glance from this reptilian king can kill you. A creature of legend, it is nevertheless rooted in reality as the stories were thought be inspired by cobra sightings. Between its evil gaze and venomous breath there’s nothing redeemable in this monster. To be fair, the animal that serves as its inspiration may be deadly, but is not wont to attack without provocation.

Watch the basilisk in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Another creature you don’t want to provoke is Tyrannosaurus rex. Its scare-factor in many movies is unquestionable; but in Jurassic Park – despite a decent bout of nerve-rattling, sunroof-splintering antagonism – the T. rex inadvertently becomes the hero when saving the human protagonists from Velociraptors. In the sequel, The Lost World, the T. rexes are not so friendly anymore.

Watch them in Jurassic Park, The Lost World and Jurassic Park III.


  1. Aliens

Depicted as both good and evil beings from outer space, more often than not they’re the latter and have it in for our planet.  It’s not easy to name an extra-terrestrial who doesn’t want to annihilate us, and the many filmic attempts at peaceful negotiation often fail, culminating in war.

Watch them in War of the Worlds.

  1. Greek Monsters

There’s an endless collection of these – some friendly, others…not so much. They include Colchis bulls, enormous, fire-breathing bulls; the Hippocampus, a mythological sea-horse; and Charybdis, a sea-monster.

Watch them in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

  1. Humans

When it comes to the creation of monsters, we need look no further than ourselves. Whether through misunderstanding or circumstance, we create the things we fear.

Tune into M-Net Movies Showcase Channel 108 this October for The Monster Collection.

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