#MKRSA: Top team Bruce and Claudia eliminated!

30 October 2017
Top performers from the Instant Restaurants, Bruce and Claudia, eliminated in shocking Kitchen HQ battle.
MKRSA Bruce & Claudia Elimination

In the most shocking elimination of MKRSA to date, the top performing team in the series - husband and wife Bruce and Claudia - were the first pair of cooks to be eliminated from the Kitchen HQ rounds in tonight’s nail biting episode. Bruce, a martial arts world champion, and his master baker wife, impressed their fellow competitors and guest judges David Higgs and J’Something from the start of the series, but found themselves in a Sudden Death cook-off challenge against the weakest competitors in the show so far, Capetonian brothers-in-law OG and G, making their loss all the more unbelievable.

After coming last in the People’s Choice pizza challenge at the Johannesburg Zoo last week, Bruce and Claudia entered the brand new MKRSA Kitchen HQ tonight not knowing who they would be up against in their elimination cook-off. First, the rest of the competitors had to complete a “Steak, Sauce and Sides” challenge, but with only 30 minutes on the clock to cook the perfect medium-rare steaks and accompaniments for the judges, many of the teams started crumbling under the pressure that came with so little time on the clock.

“We lost a lot of time waiting for our pan to heat up on the stove,” a slightly flustered OG admitted as the steak challenge was nearing its end. While many teams harboured doubts about their dishes, the judges confirmed that OG and G – the “meat guys” of the competition – fell way below their usual standards and would be going up against Bruce and Claudia in the Sudden Death cook-off. “These guys still seem as cool as cucumbers and nothing seems to rattle them. That seriously worries me,” Claudia nervously admitted before going head-to-head with them.

The cook-off had no boundaries and the brief from the judges was clear: for both teams to simply cook to their strengths. While most people may have expected Bruce and Claudia to do their usual Asian-fusion style of cooking, they instead opted for paprika chicken with diced potatoes, red wine jus and purees of broccoli and beetroot. Unfortunately for perfectionist Bruce, he did not reduce the red wine jus sufficiently, giving it a bitter aftertaste. On the whole, Bruce and Claudia’s dish couldn’t stand up against OG and G’s perfectly cooked, flavour-packed lamb knuckle stew with onion and butter pap, pea and mint puree and glazed carrots.

“OG and G came up against very stiff competition and I want to commend them on doing an absolutely incredible job,” judge and award-winning chef David Higgs raved. With that, a stoic Bruce and emotional Claudia had to bid the Kitchen HQ and their fellow competitors farewell.

The remaining seven teams were visibly stunned by the surprise outcome of this week’s challenge, making them all the more nervous for what lies ahead next week, as they’re learning very quickly to always expect the unexpected in MKRSA… 

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