Minions’ Best Moments

21 December 2016
Relive the minions' best moments with Animania on M-Net Movies Smile.

The minions entered our hearts in 2010 with the release of Despicable Me and left an indelible mark. Since then the “adorable yellow freaks” have also appeared in the film’s sequel, numerous shorts, and received a stand-alone film.

Because we love the minions – and because you can enjoy their laughter-inducing mayhem this festive season on M-Net Movies Smile, thanks to the Animania festival – we decided to share some of our favourite minion moments.

Gru’s Background Check, Despicable Me

When Gru decides to adopt Margo, Agnes and Edith he leaves it up to his not-so-trusty minions to compile his background check, which includes a medal of honour, a knighthood, and a cooking show. The minions being who (or what) they are, they soon start squabbling over the privilege of helping their evil master and enter a lot of indecipherable nonsense into the computer, leaving it up to Gru to charm himself out of their mess.

Gru’s Goodnight Kisses, Despicable Me

The minions don’t fail to notice that Gru’s icy demeanour towards the girls is melting, particularly after tucking them into bed with goodnight kisses.  Enamoured as they are by their evil master, they huddle outside the girls’ bedroom door demanding goodnight kisses of their own. Check it out below and watch Despicable Me on Sunday 25 December at 21:35 or Monday 2 January at 16:23.

Transformation, Despicable Me 2

Three years later a sequel was released, which placed even more focus on the minions, paving the way for their stand-alone film in 2015. Now a proud father of three girls (and countless minions), Gru is somewhat less dastardly in his doings. But evil is still afoot – this time in the form of a villain who turns the minions into purple monsters who may be mini but whose destructive powers aren’t. Their transformation is full of the usual minion lunacy as they giggle and goad one another…until they turn into the mini monsters that will gobble more than just bananas.

The Wedding, Despicable Me 2

Of course, the endings are happy ones; and the sequel sees Gru and Lucy getting married. And who should be the wedding singers other than the minions, who close off the film with their hysterically incomprehensible renditions of I Swear and YMCA. Check it out below.

Big Bad Scarlet Overkill, Minions

After centuries of successfully finding but failing to keep an evil master, Kevin, Bob and Stuart are tasked by their fellow minions to once more search for an über evil lord; and find her they do, in the form of Scarlet Overkill. However, it turns out she’s willing to be just as nasty to her minions – which doesn’t bode well with Kevin and Stuart (we’re not sure about Bob). Initially lulled into a false sense of comfort in the luxuries of Scarlet’s home, Kevin and Stuart’s bubble is soon burst when Scarlet gives them a thinly-veiled threat in the form of a bedtime story, which makes it onto our list as one of the minions’ best moments. Check it out in the trailer below and tune into Minions on Tuesday 27 December at 14:55 and Friday 30 December at 19:30.

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