Mind-blowing facts about Keanu Reeves

20 February 2023
Don’t dodge these facts about Keanu Reeves.
Man on stage with a light shining on him

From romcoms to action, comedies and dramas, Reeves has captivated audiences for decades. Here's a list of mind-blowing facts about the iconic figure.

Not an Oscar in sight

Even though Reeves has appeared in several Oscar-winning movies such as The Matrix, Speed, and Toy Story 4, he has never received the prestigious award.

Injuries not dodged

Before shooting The Matrix, Reeves suffered a cervical spinal injury and had to have surgery. This made training for the movie a challenge, but he persevered and the results speak for themselves. Due to the insane stunts, several of his co-stars also sustained injuries, with Hugo Weaving almost being recast due to a hip injury that required surgery.

Cool breeze over the mountain

Reeves’s exotic name, Keanu, is a Hawaiian word meaning cool breeze over the mountains.

Turned down a role in Speed 2

Reeves is successful enough to be more selective about his work. He turned down a role in Speed 2 because he felt the script wasn't up to par in terms of what he had envisioned.

Blacklisted by Fox Studios

In an article with GQ,  Reeves said he was blacklisted by Fox for turning down a role in Speed 2. “I didn’t work with Fox again until The Day the Earth Stood Still.” As a result, the famous studio produced Speed 2: Cruise Control with Jason Patric starring opposite Sandra Bullock.

Big bucks in The Matrix trilogy

The first three Matrix movies fetched him a whopping US$250 million.

In your Sunday night movie, you can watch him reprise the role of Neo as he dodges bullets for the fourth instalment, The Matrix Resurrections.

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