Meet the interns starring in Carol’s Second Act

10 June 2020
We’ve all started somewhere.
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Adulthood comes with responsibilities and these include going out to the working world and striving to make your dreams come true. Here’s a look at the interns in Carol’s Second Act who are starting their medical careers and working their way up.

Dr Caleb Sommers

Former Raising Hope star, Lucas Neff, plays this seemingly caring and nice intern, but is secretly experiencing self-doubt because he got his position through family connections.

Dr Lexie Gilani

Sabrina Jalees plays this passionate intern who can't stand it when doctors don’t give it their all. She is the one who works ten times harder and takes the internship very seriously because she’s the first one in her family to go to college, and that's a big deal!

Dr Daniel Kutcher

This overly confident intern, played by Jean-Luc Bilideau, has graduated from Harvard and Duke University School of Medicine and has had his work published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Despite these feats, he experiences insecurity and at times, puts the other interns down to make himself look better.

Dr Carol Kenney

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Carol, played by the funny Patricia Heaton. She is the wiser and older intern who is embarking on a new journey and starting a new career path.  She is upbeat and is always ready to lend a helping hand!  

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