Lucifer: Express from the US

26 January 2016
Find out who's who in Lucifer.
lucifer season 1

There's a brand new show on M-Net Edge, and it's as hot as hell. Starring Welsh actor Tom Ellis as the title character, Lucifer kicks off with Satan abandoning his throne in the underworld. Why? Because he’s bored.

Seeking for new thrills he heads to the City of Angels, where is inadvertently mired in the murder of a pop star. Investigating the case is Detective Chloe Dancer, and it’s not long before Lucifer finds himself helping her chase the bad guys.

Joining Ellis in Lucifer is a veteran TV cast, including Lauren German (Chicago Fire, Hawaii 5-0) and D.B. Woodside (Suits, 24). There’s also a charming and cheeky young addition in the form of Trixie, who befriends Lucifer.

Funny, dark and rip-roaringly ridiculous, this is unlike any crime show you’ve watched before. Lucifer is on M-Net Edge Express from the US every Wednesday morning at 02:00, and at 19:00 in prime time