Meet Saul

29 April 2015
Learn more about Saul Goodman, the guy everyone loves to hate.
better call saul

Fans of Breaking Bad will be familiar with Saul Goodman – but if you’ve never watched the show and are looking forward to getting stuck into Better Call Saul, then here are a few fun facts you need to know about actor Bob Odenkirk and the eponymous Saul.

The Hair
As you will notice Saul sports a rather interesting hairstyle. A comb-over with a less than inconspicuous bald patch. But interestingly this hairstyle was Bob Odenkirk’s own idea as he felt that the hair should be reflective of Saul’s character.

Saul has a website
Odenkirk himself is credited with creating the majority of the content for the show’s website. Unlike other show websites this is styled more as Saul Goodman the attorney’s website, rather than a site about the show. It’s filled with all the cheesiness you’d expect from a website if Saul were real.

Odenkirk is a funny guy
In 1987 Odenkirk got a gig as a Saturday Night Live writer. He worked at SNL for four years, but decided it was time to get in front of the camera and began making cameo appearances in comedies.

The show almost never happened
Better Call Saul almost never happened, because Bob Odenkirk originally turned down the role. As the show is filmed far away from his hometown, Odenkirk wasn’t keen on spending extended periods of time away from his family. It was his son who actually encouraged him to take the role. We’re glad he did!