Meet Kenan and the gang

01 July 2022
Introducing the characters of Kenan.

Kenan Thompson won us over in Nickelodeon’s sitcom Kenan and Kel, became quite the star on SNL, and has starred in many movies over the years, bringing that Kenan humour we've come to love and adore. He now stars in the sitcom Kenan, a family-orientated show that will give you all the feels and teach you great lessons. Let’s take a closer look at the characters and what to expect from them.


Kenan Williams is a widowed dad and host of the morning show, Wake Up With Kenan. He’s high-spirited and fun-loving, but is mourning the loss of his wife while trying to raise his two beautiful daughters, Aubrey and Birdie. He also has to deal with his nosy but supporting father-in-law, not forgetting his troublemaker brother Gary. Kenan is often called playful, and always has a trick up his sleeve, but has to learn to manage his emotions and face the reality he has been dealt. 

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Rick, played by the incredible Don Johnson, is the laid-back and previously mentioned nosy father-in-law of Kenan, who also offers good advice. He often butts heads with Kenan, but they always manage to resolve their conflicts. Together with Gary, he gets caught up in Kenan's crazy shenanigans. He also tries to be the best grandpa to Kenan's daughters. 

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The funny and not-so-mature little brother of Kenan is played by Chris Redd from SNL. Gary is Kenan’s right-hand man who often joins Kenan’s crazy “missions". He has calmer moments too and can be a voice of reason to Kenan. He is always there for his brother and their bromance is incredible. 

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Birdie and Aubrey

Kenan’s sweet, smart, and super cool daughters keep Kenan on his feet. They’re the reason he lives and he's their cool dad because of his childlike spirit. The girls are total opposites at times, with Aubrey being more rational and Birdie more carefree. Real-life sisters Dannah and Dani Lane take on the roles of these sisters. How cool is that! 

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The lovely Kimrie Lewis plays the role of Mika, Kenan’s friend, confidant, and the executive producer of his morning show. She’s intelligent, driven, and keeps the entire studio on its toes. She is the main person Kenan can turn to for some solid advice.

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Catch more laughs with Kenan from Saturday 16 July at 17:00 on Me, channel 115.