M-Net’s Bringing Back the Detectives

03 June 2016
The Mysteries of Laura and Elementary return to M-Net.

Don’t count the detectives out yet: The Mysteries of Laura and Elementary are both returning on M-Net channel 101 on DStv with new seasons. Detective Laura Diamond from The Mysteries of Laura is back for Season 2 from Friday 3 June at 19:30, while Sherlock Holmes and Watson return in Elementary on Tuesday 7 June 16 at 21:30. 

Season Two of The Mysteries Of Laura amps up the stakes with edgy, dramatic cases combined with a relationship triangle that’s as suspenseful as the mysteries the cops solve each week! Detective Laura Diamond (Emmy® Award winner Debra Messing) can't help that she's the smartest homicide detective in all New York - so smart, in fact, she manages to solve the most perplexing of murders while raising two young boys as a single mom. Laura gets some help from her ex-husband, Detective Jake Broderick (Josh Lucas), who spent the last year as her boss. However, in the wake of a near-fatal injury and a power struggle, he may return to the precinct in a different capacity.

As always, Laura's professional life and personal life are intertwined, with her ex forever trying to win her back - which involves prying Laura away from her very sexy new chef boyfriend, Tony (Neal Bledsoe).

The Mysteries of Laura stars: Debra Messing, Josh Lucas, Laz Alonso, Janina Gavankar and Max Jenkins. 

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson are a modern-day detective duo in Elementary. When it comes to crime-solving, these two are prepared to crack some of the NYPD’s most improbable cases. In the modern version of the classic tale, these two were initially sober companion and client, but Watson and Holmes' relationship evolved into a symbiotic professional investigative partnership. The new season sees Sherlock and Watson dealing with the return of Holmes’ estranged father, Morland (John Noble), while still solving cases.

Elementary stars: Jonny Lee Miller (as Sherlock Holmes), Lucy Liu (as Joan Watson), Aidan Quinn (as Captain Thomas Gregson), Jon Michael Hill (as Detective Marcus Bell).