Love, Hope and Laughter Trending – The Voice SA

26 March 2019
The curtain closed on one of our best, Blind Audition runs yet and everyone watching was in their feels
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It's the show that brings the whole family together, with tender moments unfolding both on stage and off-screen. In the spirit of keeping the good vibes going we're shining a light on all the reactions that made us "aw", giggle and laugh out loud.

The family celebrations back stage definitely light up our Sunday nights but like many fans we've noticed that our stunning host, Anele delivers just as many MEME-orable expressions of her own. When the music's so good and the stakes are this high, it's hard not get immersed in the action.

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Juxtaposed against all the laughter however is a great big dose of reality. People from all walks of life have come onto the grande stage to not only tell their stories but bare their souls and it's astonishing what people have to overcome to realise their dreams.

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From the perpetual neglect and abuse in Nikita's early life to Elisha facing one of the biggest challenges of his life to honour his father's wishes – Sunday's show had us in shambles like many before. That said, those gratifying moments of honesty and vulnerability are invaluable. It's always so encouraging to see others shoulder the struggles you might be facing yourself with grace. It's a reminder to shake off one's boots and keep trudging forward no matter the odds!

As the Blinds unfolded we also saw tonnes of you crushing HARD on our talent and Coaches. It's no surprise therefore that when the handsome crooner,  Tye Platinum hit the stage the swooning ensued. From the cute to downright spicy, we've seen it all and we're telling! Sorry that everybody knows your secret now.

And we'd be remiss if we didn't confess how much we're loving Riky and Francois' bromance. Can you say GOALS? We're so looking forward to a whole lot more of their competitiveness and hilarious banter when the Knockouts kick off this coming Sunday.

Coach LIRA's stunning array of singers will be looking to raise the bar so they're nowhere near the danger zone and our panel will also be waiting to snatch up anyone LIRA lets out of her sights. Which talent from #TeamLIRA are you hoping makes the Battle Round? Hit us up on Twitter using "#TheVoiceSA" and let us know!

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