Long Live Inkunzi!

14 November 2019
Thinking about favourites.

Please note: Contains spoilers for episodes 1 - 3.

Yes, yes. We know Inkunzi was a villain, but villains are not only fun for actors to play, they're fun to watch too. So it's understandable that Trackers' fans were devastated when Lemmer wiped Inkunzi right out the plot.ย 

But never say die! Inkunzi lives on in the hearts and minds of fans.

We shouldn't have been all that surprised though. Cast your mind back to episode 1 when fans were left bawling at the swift and sudden departure of poor Lourens...ironically, at the hands of Inkunzi.

Is Trackers going Game of Thrones on us?

Well, no.ย Decidely not. Two people died in the first episode of Trackers, with Game of Thrones racking up twice as many deaths in a first episode that was half as long. And there aren't any dead animals.

Whereas ...

OK, OK. Enough now. Comparing these two shows is like comparing...dragons and diamonds! Recover from your GoT FOMO here, catch up withย Trackersย  on DStv Catch Upย orย Showmax, and join us on social media using #TrackersSA to share your thoughts on your favourite characters and moments.

If all this does nothing to abate your tears for Inkunzi, then watch some of his top moments here and here and revel in his villainy.ย 

Remember to tune in for the next episode of Trackers, on Sunday 17 November at 20:00 on M-Net channel 101.