Limitless Moves to the Small Screen

16 March 2016
Limitless moves from feature film to TV series.
limitless season 1

An extension of the feature film starring Bradley Cooper, Limitless, the series offers more of the gripping suspense enjoyed in the film. Cooper – who appears as his original character, Edward Morra – also serves as executive producer for the show.

Joining Cooper as producers are Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who helped bring many popular TV shows to our screens, including Hawaii Five-0, Fringe and Alias.

The focus in Limitless, the series, shifts to a different character, Brian Finch. Played by Jake McDorman, he is now the one being introduced to the mind-expanding drug NZT.

McDorman is still relatively new to the industry, but has already added several TV shows to his resume. His film work, meanwhile, includes a role in American Sniper – so it’s not the first time McDorman has worked with Cooper.

In Limitless, Finch avoids the pitfalls of using the dangerous drug thanks to Morra, now a senator, who gives him a second drug to counteract the negative effects of NZT. His boosted brainpower encourages the FBI to enlist his help in solving cases. The FBI, however, is unaware of the second drug.

This twist already poses dilemmas for Finch, as he struggles to keep his secret. Will he be discovered; and why is Morra helping Finch? Find out by watching Limitless Season 1 every Thursday at 19:30, from 17 March, on M-Net Channel 101.