Lights, camera, ambulance!

30 May 2022
In the Chinese super-spy thriller, Vanguard, martial arts legend, Jackie Chan leaps into action as CEO of a security company protecting a wealthy businessman and his family from the world’s deadliest mercenary organisation.
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Did you know? Jackie Chan has suffered a number of injuries on set. A handful of these turned out to be near-death experiences. While filming Vanguard, he almost drowned! Yes, as an actor foregoing a double and doing your own stunts might seem pretty cool, that is until you get hurt and suffer the consequences.

We’ve compiled a list of actors who just like Chan, have come close to dying on set.

Gerard Butler down for the wave

While filming a surfing scene for Chasing Mavericks, Butler tried to ride a maverick wave. Unfortunately, two waves submerged Butler, who was then hit on the head with four or five more waves and washed through to the rocks.

Fraser the hangman

During the hanging sequence at the beginning of The Mummy, Brendan Fraser was on a platform with a rope around his neck. He took a couple of deep breaths, bared down, and realised he was on the balls of his feet. The rope went up, and he had nowhere to go. Yes, the rope actually tightened around his neck.

Jamie Alexander loses consciousness

While filming the movie, Thor: The Dark World, Jamie accidentally slipped on a metal staircase, fell down, and lost consciousness. She was rushed to the hospital where it was revealed that she displaced a disc in her spine, dislocated her shoulder, gored her left side’s rhomboid, and clipped eleven vertebrae.

Dylan O’Brien’s near-fatal injuries

Dylan suffered near fatal injuries while filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure. During a scene where he was supposed to jump from the top of one car to another, he was pulled underneath the car and suffered severe lacerations, and fractured both his cheekbones and orbital socket. 

Actors sure face difficult challenges and near-death experiences just to keep viewers entertained!

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