Life Hacks

02 February 2017
We share a few simple life hacks in preparation for MacGyver Season 1 on M-Net.

If you grew up in the ‘80s, it’s quite likely you’ll remember MacGyver. With his aviator sunglasses and glorious mullet, he was emblematic of the era; but the reason we really loved him was his knack for getting out of all kinds of OTT scenarios, using the simplest items.

Twenty-three years after the show finished, a remake was released with a MacGyver for our times. It may be a new world with new problems, but MacGyver still gets himself out of the tightest spots in the same ingenious, yet practical, ways.

On Friday 3 February at 20:30, M-Net is bringing you the first season of the brand new MacGyver. In anticipation of welcoming back our favourite pragmatic hero, we’re sharing a few of our own life hacks. However, since we don’t find ourselves in the kind of situations MacGyver does, ours are focused a little closer to home; but the principle remains the same: “What would MacGyver do?”


Watch MacGyver Season 1 every Friday at 20:30 from 3 February on M-Net.