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11 October 2021
Do you know the differences between each pastry?
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Father and son duo Brett and Aidan poured their hearts out in the MKR kitchen. Cooper's Kitchen brought love to their meals, with their starter giving fig a go along with the blue cheese phyllo pastry. Let's have a look at more pastries.

Choux pastry

This is a very delicate pastry made using water, butter, flour, and eggs only and does not rely on a raising agent. The result is quite heavenly: like soft air pockets melting in your mouth.

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Shortcrust pastry

This pastry is often used in pies, quiches, and tarts. It usually requires more flour than other pastries. It often crumbles in your mouth with just one bite.

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Puff pastry

This is perhaps the most commonly known pastry and is often made in kitchens at home. It's very flaky and often best enjoyed hot out of the oven.

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Phyllo pastry

This is a very thin pastry made by brushing oil on the different layers. Dishes such as baklava and samoosas are made from this pastry.

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WATCH: Brett and Aidan's thoughts on hosting.

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