King of TV franchises

16 February 2022
Dick Wolf is second to none.
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Law and Order. Chicago Fire. FBI. Most people would have been invested in at least one these dramas. What makes them so enthralling is that these shows have various spin offs:

  • Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Law and Order: Criminal Intent
  • Law and Order: Trial by Jury
  • Law and Order: Los Angeles
  • Law and Order True Crime
  • Law and Order: Organized Crime

As you may already know, Law and Order: Organized Crime is currently on M-Net airing season 2, while our sister channel, Me, is airing the first season.

Then there is the ever-popular franchise featuring the city of Chicago.

  • Chicago Fire
  • Chicago Med
  • Chicago PD

The most recent is:

  • FBI (Currently airing on M-Net)
  • FBI: Most Wanted (The third season is starting on M-Net on 1 March at 21:30)
  • FBI: International (The first season is starting on M-Net on 29 March at 20:30)

There is a common thread among all these successful shows. And that is veteran show creator, Dick Wolf.ย ๐Ÿ‘Œ

In an interview with Television Academy Foundation, when asked about the success of medical and cop shows, he said: "It's drama, I mean in drama, drama is conflict and the conflict means that there is something in dispute and the biggest dispute is life or death. I mean, that is the short answer. Medical and cop shows are the ones that get the closest to black and white decisions, black and white life choices, they're comforting for an audience to be given clear cut choices.โ€ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

The other thrilling part for fans is when there are crossovers between those shows. You know, when one actor from SVU makes an appearance on Organized Crime, or when the teams from FBI and FBI: Most Wanted have crossed paths. For fans, it is that thrilling feeling, kind of like finding the exact present you wanted under the Christmas tree. And these franchises keep on giving that gift! ย 

โ€œYou have to objectively look at what is working on broadcast television, it is these kinds of shows, it is franchises,โ€ said CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl when they announced their new slate of shows. โ€œIn my mind, franchises hit the trifecta, they have terrific live viewing, they have significant delayed viewing and they also do very well on streaming.โ€

And the talent also seems appreciative of Wolfโ€™s approach. In an Instagram post, Ice-T (Fin Tutuola on SVU) thanked the show creator for taking a chance on him. โ€œHappy Birthday Dick Wolf!โ€ the star wrote, โ€œ โ€ฆ five shows and over 27 years later. Still in business thriving. My Sincere Respect.โ€

According to Yahoo news, Wolf also takes this credit: โ€œHe has televisionโ€™s longest-running primetime live-action series with Law and Order: SVU.โ€

And there you have it. Feast on Law and Order: Organized Crime, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International. ย 

And our most sincere thanks to great minds, such as Wolfโ€™s.

Featured image: Dick Wolf receives the 2332th Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Los Angeles on 29 March 2007. Source: Gettyย 

Sources: Television Academy Foundation, Yahoo news