08 July 2021
The making of a masterpiece.
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Last week we asked you which of these possible facts about the making of the 2019 film Joker was true.

Here are some interesting facts about this Todd Phillips directed psychological thriller:

10. Joaquin Phoenix Based the character’s laugh on videos of people suffering from pathological laughter.

9. The actor also envisioned Joker’s laugh as something somewhat painful.

8. The film contains virtually no CGI.

7. Phoenix lost so much weight for the film that there were no opportunities to reshoot.

6. Warner Bros had allegedly wanted the film to be directed by Martin Scorsese and for Joker to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Scorsese dropped the film to work on the Irishman.

5. Although Phoenix rates Robert De Niro as one of his favourite actors, it is said that there was a lot of tension between the two on set.

4. There are three kinds of laughs that Joker does in the film, the laugh of affliction, the 'one of the guys' laugh and the laugh of pure joy that he does in the end.

3. Phoenix says that he did not study any of the past versions of Joker in preparation for the role, mainly because he wanted the character to be something they had created.

2. When watching the Behind-The-Scenes footage, you will notice that there were a couple of scenes that did not make it into the movie.

1. The script often changed right before shooting and the actors would have to adapt and even improvise their characters' dialogue

Watch below and tell us who is your favourite Joker!


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