Johnny Depp’s Moustaches

25 February 2016
M-Net Movies mulls over Johnny Depp's moustaches.
Mortdecai's moustaches sniffs suspiciously.

One of the main talking points of Mortdecai is undoubtedly Johnny Depp’s moustache. With the fine sweep of facial hair he sports in the movie, it’s difficult to ignore. So difficult, it inspired us to take a look at some of Johnny Depp’s other movie moustaches.

Monochrome moustache. (Ed Wood, 1994)
Don Juan DeMoustache. (Don Juan DeMarco, 1994)
A shadowy shave. (The Ninth Gate, 1999)
Melts in your mouth. (Chocolat, 2000)
Cuban moustache. (Before Night Falls, 2000)
Moustache from hell. (From Hell, 2001)
Yo ho, a pirate's lip for me. (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 2003)
Bedhead accessory. (Secret Window, 2004)
Tickling Keira Knightley since 2003. (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, 2006)
Moustache ensemble. (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, 2007)
Moustache cameo. (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, 2009)
Tourist trap. (The Tourist, 2010)
Sitting pretty. (Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides, 2011)
A transcendental trim. (Transcendence, 2014)
Musical moustache. (Into the Woods, 2014)
Mortdecai's moustache sniffs suspiciously. (Mortdecai, 2015)
Monochrome moustache. (Ed Wood, 1994)

Watch Johnny Depp and his moustache in your Sunday night movie, Mortdecai, on 28 February at 20:05 on M-Net.