Isibaya has a new home!

27 January 2022
South Africa’s most beloved telenovela comes to Novela Magic.
Isibaya bill

Isibaya, Mzansi’s most beloved telenovela is now on Novela Magic! Produced by The Bomb Shelter, the show depicts the battle for wealth and power between two powerful taxi-industry families, the Zungus and the Ndlovus. The story unfolds in the rural uThukela valley and Johannesburg where the families have strongholds.

When the series begins, two young lovers are torn apart by a century-old feud between two powerful families and entangled in a Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship. From a valley long divided by too little resources,  the bitter feud continues in the city of gold, as the Zungus seek to build their fortune.

Engulfed in a cycle of revenge and quest for riches, the families remain torn apart but one man's quest for reconciliation and peace leads them all to understand that they can prosper together.

On the East side of the Valley live the Zungus, a household headed by charismatic and influential Mpiyakhe and his sister Mkabayi, who run a successful taxi business.

Mkabayi runs the rural taxi yard and is as fierce and powerful a matriarch as her name would suggest.  She lives solely for her family and swore herself to celibacy after the assassination of her betrothed when she was a young girl.

Mpiyakhe's two rural wives run the Bhubesini compound.

Mpiyakhe, the head of the Zungu family lives in Soweto with his fourth wife, Iris, a beautiful but scheming and manipulative woman. She has no children but is the stepmother to Mpiyakhe's two children, Thandeka and Jabu - from his first wife, who died in a taxi clash 14 years back. Mpiyakhe runs the taxi business and is chairman of the East Side taxi association.

On the West side live Samson Ndlovu's family and they too run a large fleet of taxis but are less successful than Mpiyakhe. Samson is a bitter man, but hides under a veneer of tradition and his brother Mandla is often bloodthirsty and trigger-happy.

Can this love survive the bitter feuds that surround them? Keep watching to see what happens.