Iconic natural disaster movies

23 May 2022
Our pick of the best disaster movies
the ice road

Your Sunday night movie, The Ice Road stars Liam Neeson as a war veteran who has to lead an army of truck drivers in a dangerous icy expedition. There will be ice, there will be action, and there will be disaster! Let's look at other natural disaster movies, where elements of nature played a crucial and deadly role.


In this epic 1996 film starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, we were taken into one whirlwind of a ride as our characters had to face off a vicious tornado in the state of Oklahoma. The main character Jo, a meteorologist played by Helen Hunt, returns to her hometown to investigate the deadly tornado, and when it hits the town she is caught up in a game of survival. The scenes were hard-hitting, the special effects praised, and Hunt and Paxton had perfect chemistry. 

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Dante's Peak 

Pierce Brosnan starred as volcanologist Harry Dalton in this thrilling, action-packed 1997 film. Harry Dalton heads off to a town called Dante's Peak to investigate seismic activity and, you guessed it, he's faced with an erupting volcano that is devouring the town. The movie was action-packed from beginning to end, the volcanic disaster scenes were incredible, and it's rated as one of the coolest disaster movies. 

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Hard Rain 

Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater drive this action-packed and nail-biting film. The movie focused on a bank heist that takes place amidst a severe rainstorm in the state of Indiana and had Freeman and Slater's characters go head-to-head. The movie had loads of rain, loads of action, and the flooding scene with Slater's character Tom was one of the movie's most memorable. 

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Sylvester Stalone took to the snow-cold mountains in the iconic 1993 action-thriller movie. The movie was nothing short of heartstopping as we watched a group of brave mountain climbers face dangerous enemies while trying to survive severe snow conditions and fight for their survival. Who can ever forget that epic opening scene of Cliffhanger?  We still rate it one of the best scenes to this day!

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The Perfect Storm

George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg took on the perfect storm in this biographical disaster movie. The movie is based on the book of the same name and sees a group of brave fishermen unite on the Andrea Gail and brave the raging seas. Along with the outstanding action and special effects, the actors were praised for portraying realistic emotional scenes. 

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