How to Survive Shocktober

05 October 2017
Follow these horror movies dos and don’ts and you’ll survive Shocktober this month on M-Net Movies Action+ channel 106.


  • Lock the doors
  • Check the backseat
  • Keep your clothes on
  • Run out the door and not upstairs
  • Shoot first and ask questions later
  • Have five fully charged cellphones throughout the house
  • Remember to fill up your car
  • Ask your psychiatrist if he's already dead
  • Remember Ouija boards are not toys
  • Turn around, because it's always behind you
  • Call the ghostbusters
  • Avoid people called Damien, Carrie, Freddy, Michael and Jason


  • Talk to strangers
  • Ask who’s there
  • Split up
  • Go to the basement when you hear a crash
  • Ignore warnings
  • Fall asleep
  • Lock yourself in a closet
  • Kill someone and cover it up
  • Buy that creepy antique doll
  • Read anything called Book of the Dead
  • Shower alone in an empty house if there is something after you and killing all your friends

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Tune into Shocktober Thursdays to Saturdays from 20:00 on M-Net Movies Action+ channel 106.

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