How to make the perfect pizza

26 October 2017
With tips from David Higgs and J’Something!

In the latest episode of My Kitchen Rules SA, the contestants had to cook South African-inspired pizzas – one sweet and one savoury – and to do it on a Weber, no less!

There were mixed results, but it did teach us all a little bit about what goes into the perfect pizza.

According to J’Something, cone pizzas are actually a thing – but as Claudia and Bruce found out, making both of the pizzas in this style is not a good idea. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional pizza base.

An aside: besides learning about pizza, we also learned that infusing things with Rooibos is also a thing: OG and G used it to infuse their pizza dough, while Liz and Leanne added it to their apricot.

“Simple flavours executed well,” is J’Something’s #MKRSA mantra, but it’s not that easy to pull off! The sweet pizzas in particular proved problematic. Rein and Rowan: you might want to stay away from the green dye!

When you’re cooking in a competition, with time constraints, on a Weber, messing around with pressure cookers is not the best idea. You have a braai, after all.

When it came down to the tasting, the judges were looking to tick a few boxes: a beautiful base and deep flavour. Lani and Louzel nailed this, Rein and Rowan, not so much.

Bruce and Claudia’s cones actually made the pizza more difficult to eat, and certain bites had only one ingredient. Brent and Andrew’s curry on pizza was difficult to approach, and J wasn’t convinced the topping was a good one for a family pizza. And Liz and Leanne’s base actually turned out to be too crispy, almost burned.

Charnell and Kerry’s savoury pizza was too salty – that’s what happens when you have Aromat AND bacon AND feta. Their dough was too chewy – as David Higgs quipped, “It’s all about that base!”

In the final reckoning, the judges praised the top three teams, OG and G, Lani and Louzel, and Jamandi and Machiel, for a couple of things: great amounts of topping and intense flavour.

In the below clip, the judges suggest keeping it simple, and single out Jamandi and Machiel for keeping it local.

So there you go: tips for your next pizza night!

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