Honey, honey, honey – MasterChef SA

15 March 2022
Here are some great uses for honey.

By Shevona Ann Ponnusamy

The star of the show on episode 9 on MasterChef SA was honey.  Judge Justine Drake called it a true miracle of nature, which it most definitely is. 

The contestants faced a mystery box with interesting ingredients and found great ways to infuse their dishes with honey. There were certainly some out-of-the-box dishes, and even our audience at home felt inspired amongst the buzz.  Honey is often used in and out of the kitchen. Here are some great ways to use it.

Make honey butter

This is a simple method of whisking up butter and honey until thick. Then add to your jar. You can keep this refrigerated. Honey butter is great on bread, toast, and even over your roasted veggies. 

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Make mayo with honey

Our judge, Gregory Czarnecki gave everyone this excellent mayo-making tip. If you're vegan, you might want to give this a try. 


Honey-based dressing

By combining lemon juice, vinegar, and honey, as well as herbs, spices, or anything else you like, you can create a delicious dressing that goes well with salads and sides. Be as creative as you can be.

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Honey mask

Honey extends beyond the kitchen and can be included in your beauty regime. In fact, it is said that the use of honey in beauty regimes goes back decades. Add sugar to honey and next thing you know, you have a great exfoliating mask.

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Remember that honey is best when stored at room temperature.

A glass jar or plastic container is great to store honey in. Avoid storing it in a metal container to prevent oxidization. 

Make sure the jar or container is air-tight. This prevents crystalization.

Keep honey away from direct sunlight.

We hope some of these tips inspired you. We're halfway to the finish line! Who will take away the grand title? Catch more great cooking with MasterChef SA from Monday to Thursday at 18:00 on M-Net 101. If you missed out on some episodes, catch up with DStv.