Helix Season 1 Starts on M-Net Edge

26 October 2015
From the creator of Battlestar Galactica comes a brand new science fiction show, Helix.
helix season 1

From the creator of Battlestar Galactica comes a brand new science fiction show, Helix. Starting on M-Net Edge at 19:00 on Monday 26 October, the sci-fi thriller follows a group of researchers from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to the Arctic to investigate the outbreak of a disease.


If escaped viruses, zombies or post-apocalyptic drama are your TV staples then you won’t want to miss this show. It’s also not the only world-ending, living dead, freaky affliction-type series you can watch on M-Net Edge.

Make sure you tune into these shows for your share of thrills, spills, feuds, fun, and incredible special effects.


Set in the year 25 AE (that would be: After Extinction), there’s plenty of post-apocalyptic mayhem in the form of fortified cities, military patrols and Hunger Game-like arenas. There aren’t zombies in this show, based on the 2010 film Legion; instead you get angels, both good and bad, battling it out for human souls. This fight for humanity is led by angels Michael and Gabriel, on opposing sides, which means sibling rivalry of dramatic proportions.

The story takes place in Vega – a postmodern Las Vegas – but was shot right here in South Africa, at Cape Town Film Studios. Keep an eye out for local talent such as Kim Engelbrecht, Carl Beukes and Luke Tyler.

Watch Dominion Season 2 every Monday at 20:00.


From Dusk Till Dawn

Vampire lovers will be ravenous to consume the adrenalin-fuelled thrills of From Dusk Till Dawn, especially since its bloodsuckers are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Called culebras, they’re a reptilian type of undead immortal – but still the sort you want to stay away from. Of course, that’s a general rule to apply to any type of walking dead creature – whether zombie, vampire or wight.

Based on the cult 1996 movie, the TV adaptation is set in the present day (like the film); and filmed in Austin, Texas. The South African connection? Its stars (Zane Holtz and D.J. Cotrona), who play the Gecko brothers (yay for more sibling strife), visited South Africa this year to chat about the show.

Watch From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Express from the U.S. every Thursday at 02:00, and in prime time every Monday at 21:00.


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