Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton!

29 July 2015
M-Net Movies wishes Wil Wheaton a Happy Birthday.
wil wheaton

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will recognise Wil Wheaton as the guy who plays…Wil Wheaton. But long before his recurring role as himself in the hit TV series, Wheaton found fame in the coming-of-age drama Stand By Me and infamy as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Today is his birthday and although he looks a lot younger, he’s actually 43! M-Net Movies will be celebrating tonight with a double bill of The Big Bang Theory, because even though we love movies as much as Sheldon does, we make lots of time for TV too.

So raise your glass of Virgin Cuba Libre and toast Will Wheaton with these ten facts.

1. Wil loves beer so much, he brews his own at home.

2. Like many actors he started his career by appearing in commercials – one of which was for Jell-O Pudding Pops with Bill Cosby.

3. He loves playing poker and has participated in the World Poker Tour Championships.

4. It’s no wonder Wil fits so well into The Big Bang Theory: he loves playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons.

5. However, unlike the nerdy characters in The Big Bang Theory, Wil likes sports and supports ice hockey team Los Angeles Kings and the baseball team, LA Dodgers.

6. Besides acting, he’s also talented at…juggling!

7. Acting, juggling and playing games aren’t his only pastimes. He also blogs, writes and does plenty of voice work – especially for video games.

8. His full name is Richard William Wheaton.

9. He’s not only appeared as a version of himself on screen, but also in a comic book called PS 238.

10. He married in 1999. His wife already had two sons, and when one was 19 he asked Wil to adopt him – which he did.

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Watch Wil Wheaton in Flubber on 4 August at 16:45 on M-Net Movies Family 105, and catch a double bill of The Big Bang Theory Season 8 every Wednesday from 19:30 on M-Net.