Happily looking – Finding The One

24 February 2020
Devon is still seeking the one – but he’s having fun in the process!
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27-year-old operations manager Devon Murray came onto Finding The One in the hopes of locating a “co-pilot” who was “nothing like any of his exes”:

After searching the database, his matchmakers Graham, Steven and Rafael settled on teacher Taryn, auctioneer Boitumelo, and student Tamryn:

After grilling them over golf, Graham and Steven had lunch with the ladies – and left them (and us!) gob-smacked when they suggested that, if Devon had indulged in a threesome, he’d definitely tell his mom!

The entire exchange is all kinds of awkward – from the mile-high club question to the short jokes lobbed at Taryn…

To be clear: Devon is definitely a mommy’s boy, telling us: “She places a huge value on her son; she has a high work ethic so success is mutual; she has a strong sense of self -worth; she is down to earth; and her greatest value is family.”

Nonetheless, after discounting Boitumelo because she was too work-focused and discarding Tamryn because of her age, they chose the shawty, Taryn, even though she’d expressly said she didn’t like mommy’s boys!

Devon was desperate to avoid disappointment, and was super-nervous about his date – even cracking out the hair-dryer!

Those nerves spilled over into the date, with Devon desperate for a drink and talking effusively! He said his first impressions were good. “I thought she was pretty and had a great smile,” he revealed.

Guys: please don’t read a lady’s diary. And if you do, do not tell her about it!

Anyway, despite a stilted start, Devon and Taryn had a tiny spark, and they dated for five weeks afterwards. But asked if being on Finding The One had helped his dating life, he was candid: “No, not at all – I’m still single.” But he loved being on the show: "My highlights from the show was honestly meeting all of the production team and just how easy you guys made things for me and my friends," he divulged.

After seeing the show, he revealed that “I didn’t agree with my matchmakers choice, but then again: what do I know – I’m still single.”

We have to question their choice too – Taryn was pretty emphatic in her views about mommy’s boys. So, this one’s on you: Graham, Steven and Rafael! We hope both Devon and Taryn end up Finding The One.

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