Grumpy neighbours

30 October 2023
Do you remember these iconic grumps?
tom hanks  acting in a man called otto

This Sunday Tom Hanks stars as a grumpy neighbour in the comedy-drama A Man Called Otto. With Hanks in the leading role, you know you’re going to get superb acting because he marvelously embodies every character he plays. Let’s take a look at iconic grumpy neigbours from other movies and shows. Do you remember them?

Mr Wilson – Dennis The Menace
"Hey, Mr Wilson!" From the inception of the comic to the big screen debut, Mr Wilson was one grumpy old man whom Dennis drove absolutely mad. This classic comic character was first brought to life on screen by Joseph Kearns in the 1959 live-action sitcom, followed by William Windom in the 1987 movie, and then by Walter Matthau in the 1993 movie. 

Mr Roper and Mr Furley – Three’s Company

Three’s Company is a classic sitcom that gave us the hilarious trio Jack, Chrissy, and Janet. But there were two more characters that added to the chaos and fun, and those were the grumpy landlords. Jack drove Mr Roper (Norman Fell) up the wall and pretty much did the same to the new landlord and Mr Roper’s successor Mr Furley (Don Knotts).

Ned Flanders – The Simpsons
Even though Ned was not often grumpy, Homer did turn him into quite the grump at times with his excessive Homerness. Ned often was the party pooper of Springfield and drove the Simpsons crazy with his overbearing rules and regulations.

Luther Krank and Vic Frohmeyer – Christmas with the Kranks
In this Christmas movie, Tim Allen plays the role of Luther Krank, the neighbour whose decision not to celebrate Christmas puts a damper on the entire neighbourhood. Eventually, the Kranks decide to celebrate the holiday at the very last minute. However, in a twist of events neighbour Vic Frohmeyer (Dan Aykroyd) turns out to be the actual grump who bullies the Kranks and cons up tricks to sabotage their plans.

Ebenezer Scrooge – A Christmas Carol
You don’t get grumpier than Scrooge now do you? The character was portrayed by Reginald Owen in the 1938 movie and then by Jim Carrey in the 2009 version. The beloved tale is so popular it coined the term "Scrooge" which is widely used at describing anyone who is grumpy or a miser.

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