Get to know Good Sam

01 November 2022
A look at this riveting new medical drama starring Sophia Bush.
 a female doctor

Actress Sophia Bush drives the new medical drama Good Sam. Bush's career was launched when she starred as Brooke Davis in the coming-of-age sitcom One Tree Hill which lasted for 11 seasons. She also played the lovable yet stubborn detective Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD, a role she was immensely praised for.

Bush said in her early years she wanted to study to become a surgeon and spent lots of hours in her high school lab dissecting animal specimens. She was excited when she landed the role on Good Sam because she finally got to play her dream role. In this series, she takes on the role of Dr Sam Griffith, a driven cardiac surgeon who has to take over from Dr Rob Griffith (played by Jason Issacs) as chief of Lakeshore Sentinel Hospital, after he goes into a coma. The twist is that Dr Griffith also happens to be her father! With her new role comes heartaches and more complicated heart surgeries. Things get even more complex when Dr Rob Griffith awakes from his coma and realises the roles have been reversed and he is now under his daughter's supervision and direction.

The show focuses on family drama, medical drama, and what it’s like for a young surgeon to be the voice of hope for a community in need.

Spoiler alert: If you were a huge One Tree Hill fan, look out for Bush’s former cast members Peyton Sawyer and Bethany Joy Lenz, as they guest star on an episode of Good Sam. It's the first time the three have shared the screen again in more than 13 years. 

Watch Sophia Bush sit down and discuss her role on the show, and share a secret or two.

Catch Good Sam season 1 from 11 November on Me, channel 115.