Good Doctors

13 April 2021
The doctors that gave us good medicine for TV!
the good doctor

Dr. Shaun Murphy is back with season 3 of The Good Doctor on M-Net City. You know there's bound to be loads of medical drama, but that's nothing our Good Doctor can't handle!  We love the show and are looking back at some other good doctors that gave us good TV.


Patch Adams

The real-life Patch Adams was Hunter Doherty Adams, a physician and clown known for his unconventional medical ways. This inspirational doctor launched the program called Gesundheit! Each year Adams organised a bunch of people to dress as clowns and visit hospitals to bring laughter to patients of all ages. His dynamic life story inspired the movie Patch Adams and the beloved Robin Williams took on the role of the doctor who truly believed that laughter is the best medicine!

Watch the Patch Adams trailer here:

Here's a clip of the real Patch Adams on The Oprah Winfrey Show:


Dr. JD Dorian - Scrubs

Another doctor who lit up our screens with laughs was J.D, played by Zach Braff. Scrubs was known for its silly antics, brought many giggles to the ER, and gave us several comic characters. But J.D., the doc with the whacky and wonderful heart, made the show. His one-liners were the perfect remedy and we knew when the scrubs were put on, the laughs would be coming out.

LOL with these funny moments from the show:


Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

The darling doctor who touched our souls during every single episode. Dr. Quinn was known to use herbal remedies but also introduced modern medicine to the Wild West era. She fell in love with that old town and with the hunky Sully (yip remember him ladies?), earning everyone's respect as an exceptional doctor. She will forever be remembered as an iconic female TV doctor. 

Watch this throwback when Dr. Quinn met her love interest Sully:


Dr. Jack Shepherd - Lost

Lost gave us loads of mystery and wonder and Jack Shepherd was the doctor with the looks and all the right moves. He served as quite the hero throughout all six seasons and saved many lives on that mysterious island, all while fighting many demons of his own! Even though the show gave viewers a shocking ending, it's Jack Shepherd who managed to stop our hearts every single time!

Here's that unforgettable ending with Jack:


Dr. House - House

Possibly the doctor with the most unconventional methods and straight-shooting mouth ever! Love him or hate him, he was a medical genius and there was a method to his madness! House gave viewers eight seasons of medical mayhem and magic!

Here are some of his most savage moments:


Dr. Meredith Grey - Grey's Anatomy

She's the doctor who's always there for everyone, literally everyone!  We've seen her love, live, and lose loved ones along the way, but Meredith just keeps on giving. There's no doubt that she's the driving force at Seattle Grace Hospital and there's no one quite like her.

Catch her in action on Mondays at 20:30 on M-Net 101. 

Avid Grey's fans: here are some top moments between Meredith and Derek (thank us later)


Dr. Shaun Murphy - The Good Doctor

Of course this doctor is on our list. He warmed his way into our hearts three seasons ago as the autistic and brilliant Dr. Shaun Murphy with his intriguing practices and has never left since.

What other genius moves does he have up his medical sleeves? You've gotta tune in to find out. Watch season 3 of The Good Doctor weekdays at 18:20 on M-Net City.