Girls just wanna have fun!

01 April 2022
Five of some of the most popular girls in the DC Universe.
wonder woman

The girls we love and the ones we love to hate in DC Universe.

Wonder Woman

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is the most popular female superhero ever created. When considering her powers, she still surpasses all other female superheroes, not because of her physical abilities but her will and determination. Wonder Woman knows no defeat. Her lasso of truth enables her to bind her enemies and influence them to reveal their secrets. Her physical power is on par with Superman, and the girl has defeated him several times!


Known as the younger cousin of Superman, she has the capabilities of her relative, making her a powerful force. With the powers of a yellow sun, she can possess super-strength at almost the same levels as Superman. She has speed and stamina; although not as fast as the Flash, her speed is still instantaneous.


Although very innocent, do not underestimate Starfire! She is considered the most powerful of the Teen Titans. Not only does radiation prove useless as an attack against her, but she's able to absorb it. This means she can have access to incredible levels of energy.

She can fly across galaxies in mere seconds and is pretty powerful in any setting. When in rage, she releases enormous energy that can level cities. She cannot be weakened by lack of food, rest, or water, as her energy production negates the need for these resources.


The daughter of a demon! Weakness could never be associated with Raven, and it makes complete sense because of her wide array of powers which include other-worldly abilities like astral projection, fear inducement, and dark energy. She can move outside of her physical body and use her soul to travel great distances.

Raven can also absorb wounds on others, effectively healing them and herself. In her soul form, she can take control of a person’s mind and plunge them into darkness. Along with fear inducement, Raven can also induce pain in her opponents.

Poison Ivy

Green with envy yet? You’re very powerful when all you need to do is plant a kiss on someone to instantly poison them. Poison Ivy’s body can produce toxins in a variety of forms, their deadly potential based on how much pain she wants to inflict.

Perhaps her greatest weapon is her ability to control the minds of men to do her bidding, this even includes men with extreme mental fortitude like Batman

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