Get To Know TiMO ODV

25 June 2017
The dance producer and singer performs in the live show of 2 July, as does season 1 winner Richard Stirton!

“I just woke up one day and decided that I wanted to be a music producer even though I knew pretty much nothing about music or music production,” says gifted singer/songwriter/producer TiMO ODV.

This spontaneous desire has taken TiMO on a journey over the past four years that has led him to master an impressive set of instruments, including the piano, guitar, drums, ukulele and melodica, alongside the development of his sublime vocal delivery and innate talent for songwriting.

Hailing from Kempton Park on Gauteng’s East Rand and “born and bred to be at peace with the sound of airplanes,” TiMO has always been destined to go places and his journey has recently accelerated with his signing to Universal Music in February 2015.

Having worked through a variety of sounds, TiMO has settled on a deeper, pop enshrined sound that allows him to seamlessly blend a variety of different elements and textures. “Music with a deeper feel allows me more room to write and express myself,” says TiMO, “Whether you want electronic or acoustic sounds, they both fit well inside music with a deep feel.”

TiMO ODV has launched himself onto the scene with his first single “Save Me” (featuring the luscious harmonies of Sarah Jackson), showcasing how his soul-stirring deep sound illuminates the magnetic power of his pop sensibilities.

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