Get to know Jack Bannon

02 November 2020
What has Jack Bannon been up to?

He brings the perfect dose of charm and sophistication to the character Alfred Pennyworth. But what else do we know about this amazingly talented actor? Well, we've stalked his Instagram profile to get a glimpse of what he's been up to over the years. Here are our findings...

He starred in the coming of age drama Kids in Love in 2016. The movie focuses on a group of young and carefree friends living in London coming to terms with falling in love, daily life dramas, and all the things that adolescence brings. Jack shared a picture of his cast here. 

We spot a furry friend. He loves dogs and his canine pal and he seem to enjoy some pretty cool adventures.

He graced the covers of Emmy magazine with the one and only Sir Ben Kingsley!

He is an ocean lover and takes time out to appreciate the wind and waves.

Looks like he's been a heartbreaker since 1991. Check out this major throwback. Such a cutie!

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