Funniest scenes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

07 April 2022
We LOLed hard at these!
Brooklyn nine nine

Let's face it, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one big laugh-out-loud feast and it's tough trying to pick the funniest scene, but we'll try. Here are the moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine that earned the funniest moment badge. 


A Backstreet Boys lineup

This was such an epic scene and many even called it genius. When a lady has to identify the perpetrator in a police lineup, she tells Jake that they were singing the Backstreet Boys song, I Want It That Way. Jake then proceeds to ask each of them to sing a line from the famous '90s hit. The result is hilarious and so enjoyable!

First-class humour

Terry is super excited about his first-class flight but his first-class dreams are shattered when he and the crew encounter problems with their flight. We loved watching him give us first-class humour over missing his flight.


Terry's password

Jake accidentally e-mails the entire office about a secret of Terry's and needs to hack into Terry's account to delete the email. Together with the crew, he tries guessing the password, which is, you guessed it, yoghurt! Terry loves yoghurt! 😅

A ramen deal

When Jake is in prison he encounters an inmate named Romero, who has a taste for danger and ramen. Jake needs to serve up Romero his ramen before he's the one getting served! He manages to pull off a very spicy deal and smuggles the goods on time too!


Boyle gives the team STDs

Boyle hands out save the dates for his wedding, calling them STDs! The team pokes fun at him for wrongly using the acronym and it leads to one punny moment.


Holt gets Twitter

Captain Holt gets Twitter for the very first time and tries to navigate the platform with hilarious results. Social media certainly shows him flames 😜

Adam Sandler drops by

The king of comedy, Adam Sandler, drops by for this hilarious cameo. Jake goes undercover as an auctioneer and Adam heckles Jake about his auctioning skills. The pair certainly make a great comedic duo. 

Which scene had you laughing for days? Catch Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 from 16 April on Me, channel 115.