Frank Opperman and Thembisa Mdoda are Ready to Razzle!

05 December 2017
M-Net lines up legendary Afrikaans actor and Mzansi’s Best Female Presenter for Dancing With The Stars SA.
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He turned a slow-witted but witty car mechanic called Ouboet into a darling South African icon and created an array of unforgettable, colourful characters – from The Big Time’s scheming Greek-Cypriot entrepreneur Chris Karedes to jobless Pottie Potgieter and the pastor with the plan, Ds. Tienie Benadé Swart. But will Frank Opperman’s dance moves be just as good as his comic timing? And, will he be able to outshine former Our Perfect Wedding host, actress and DJ Thembisa Mdoda who certainly knows how to move and shake like a pro? 

M-Net has confirmed veteran South African actor Frank Opperman and popular TV presenter Thembisa Mdoda as the first two celebrities to join M-Net’s star-studded, glitzy new local series Dancing With The Stars SA! The show, in which 12 untrained local celebrities will put their best foot forward with the help of highly skilled professional Latin and ballroom dancers, will commence on M-Net channel 101 on Sunday 4 February 2018.

With the gleaming dance floor only a matter of weeks away, these celebrities will no doubt be dusting off their dancing shoes in preparation for the daunting and exciting task ahead. “I have always wanted to be part of Dancing With The Stars,” an excited Thembisa - who clinched the coveted title of Best TV Presenter at the 2017 DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards - gushed when she heard the news. “In the past, I’d watch the show, practice the steps and give myself 10 out of 10s! I am so excited and can’t wait to make new memories. Mostly, I’m eager to learn some new steps and to have fun.”

In Frank’s signature, witty style, he said of joining this star-studded show: “Some people climb Everest for fun. Some walk to the South Pole for kicks, some people swim the seven oceans for pleasure and some people dance with the stars because they have gone insane! In my case, it feels like all of the above in one go,” he nervously admitted.

Who else will have the twinkle toes to join Frank and Thembisa on this glittering, glamourous, gutsy journey? M-Net has already revealed that the eclectic group of celebrity dancing stars all come from different backgrounds and have become famous for conquering the worlds of acting, comedy, and sport.

The other celebs who will be waltzing in to compete with Frank and Thembisa, as well as the esteemed panel of judges will be announced soon. Tracey Lange and Chris Jaftha will take the reins as the glamorous hosts of the show.

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This popular dance competition was licensed to M-Net by BBC Worldwide and will be produced by Rapid Blue. The series is sponsored by Lottostar.