Our Four Life Lessons: Samantha and Craig

16 March 2017
We ask our latest four-turn talent to share four of their best life lessons.
Samantha Craig

As per the norm we went for the lady first, Team Karen's gorgeous Samantha Leonard had this to say:

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1. Never give up!

I have been singing since the age of 3 and been trying in competitions like this for 8 years. Being rejected over and over again, I reached a breaking point, but chose to give it ONE more shot and look where I am now.

2. Believe in yourself

Walking onto The Voice SA stage I had my family's support, but looking back on my previous experiences I realised this time around that by believing in MYSELF completely, my nerves were almost non-existent which allowed me to give the performance I did. Thus proving that you can have a million supporters in your corner, but if you don't believe in yourself you'll never accomplish your dreams.

3. Don't be afraid of change

I left home and a small town at a young age (18), not knowing what experiences and challenges life would throw at me, but I had to adapt and keep growing as a person and artist. Moving around from city to city, experiencing new cultures, new people, and new adventures, molded me into the person I am today.

4. It's never too late

For a long time I feared getting older and not achieving my goals in the timeframe I had set out for myself, but I've learnt that with time comes experience and knowledge, and that has taught me to cherish each moment and learn from each experience along the way to better myself as an artist.

And of course Team Kahn's fine Craig Lucas had this to say:

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1. You cannot control everything in life and shouldn't want to.

The creative energy of the universe truly opens itself up to you when you learn to let go. Everything is constantly changing and we have to allow ourselves to be a part of that dynamic and creative process if we wish to grow. As I slowly started to let go of my obsessive need to control every aspect and outcome of my life, the most amazing (and often very unexpected) opportunities showed itself to me. The fact that the future is unknown is a certainty, and it's so much more fun to be excited about this than to be scared of it.

2. It is alright to fail.

By living a sheltered life and playing it safe you might miss out on a lot of amazing opportunities. I used to beat myself up about failing at things, not realizing how counterproductive this was. This led to me not even trying out of fear or failure.  I was extremely close to chickening out of my audition because I thought there was no way I stood a chance when there were thousands of other contestants. I thought I'd rather spare myself, my friends and my family the dissapointment, forgetting how amazing this opportunity would have been, and how much I would have missed out on, whether I made it or not.

3. Life is great and it's amazing and then it's not, and then it's great again.

Nothing and nobody is perfect and things won't be good all the time. It is alright to be sad and allow ourselves to feel hurt and heartache, as long as we don't identify with it and see the sadness as a part of ourselves. You are setting yourself up for a lot of dissapointment by trying to cling onto the good times. Bad times make us so much stronger, and make the good times so much better.

4. It is alright to be different.

And it is absolutely necessary to be true to yourself. I am such a weirdo, I am awkward and the biggest introvert. For a long time I hated the way I was, and hid and tried to stay out of everyone's way. But as I became older I found people who loved me for everything I was, especially the parts I hated.  This made me learn to love myself and appreciate all the weird and different things the world has to offer. It also made me appreciate that the universe is one perfect complete whole with a space for each and everyone in it to love and be loved and thrive.

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