Five OMG Moments from The Bachelorette SA Ep 2

19 February 2021
The surprises just keep coming – and we’re here for it!
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Here are all the moments that got Bachelor Nation South Africa talking last night.

New suitors walk the carpet

Last night, we finally got to see the contents of the limo, after episode one ended with that cliffhanger that had our hearts pounding. Bachelor Nation South Africa was treated to a Red Carpet show worth remembering with the introduction of our new suitors, Cameron, Craig, Gareth and Gregory. The entrances were spectacular; Craig had a ball of fire in his hands, Gregory had Qiniso sipping a cocktail, Cameron made a movie and Gareth professed he is “full-bodied and tastes delicious.” Basically, it was everything we hoped it would be.

And then there were 19!



The Touch Rugby match that caused drama

The introduction of four new gents to the fray obviously didn’t sit well with the 15 men who had walked the Red Carpet first, but after a night of getting to know each other, egos settled down some and the boys prepped for an excursion out of the mansion. What was supposed to be a simple game of Topless Touch Rugby, however, turned dramatic when Craig helped the Orange Team secure a win and a Group Date with Qiniso by controversial means.

Feeling a little sour



Qiniso hands out the First Impression Rose

We weren’t sure if this was going to happen since this season has started with so many surprises already, but we were all happy it did. Our living rooms (and Dolly Parton’s internet) were filled with a collection of Aaaw’s when our girl approached a shocked Ruan and handed him the rose. We loved how the gents, though disappointed, cheered Ruan on and congratulated him for being found worthy.

A rose fit for a king (of The North)



The game of interception

With the first Rose Ceremony of the season imminent, the gents knew they had to work hard to get noticed and hopefully secure a rose. Despite agreeing amongst each other that people who hadn’t had a chance to talk to Qiniso would be first in line, some of the gents felt they couldn’t stand aside and let the opportunity to talk to Qiniso pass them by. Feathers were ruffled and we laughed to our hearts content at all the shenanigans.


Ten makes his exit

We know this must happen, but we were really sad to see Ten go. He had made such an impression on us with his quiet nature, his international man of mystery persona and of course that gorgeous coif!

Goodbye, Ten

To find out what happens next, watch The Bachelorette SA episode 3 this Thursday at 19:30, on #MNet101.