Fast Trivia - The Flash

06 April 2020
He's fast. He's cool. He's The Flash

The Flash will be storming to your screens soon. We're excited to see what Barry and the gang are up to in season 6 and how they will combat the bad guys this time around. Will there be more villains and surprises? Honestly, we can't wait!

Take this comic book trivia quiz to see how well you know your super-fast superhero.

  • Which comic book hero is The Flash friends with?
  • What is The Flash's nickname?
  • What are his special powers?
  • Name one of his alter egos?


  • The Green Lantern
  • Scarlet Speedster
  • Super speed. Walks through walls. Thinks, reads, and reacts at incredible speeds.
  • Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, or Bart Allen

Did you get a full score? If you did, then your prize is to catch season 6 of The Flash from 25 April on M-Net City. If you didn't, no worries, you can still be part of our superhero club on #MNetCity. It's a superhero fest every Saturday: Supergirl S5 at 18:20. Batwoman S1 at 19:10 and The Flash S6 at 20:00

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