Fast cars on screen

03 March 2022
Iconic fast cars that have graced the screens.
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This week your Sunday Night Movie F9: The Fast Saga brings the need for speed. Vin Diesel and the fam are in for one crazy and action-packed mission as they face off new enemies and do just what they do best in the name of speed. Before you dive in with Dom and his crew, let's feed your nostalgia and look at some other iconic fast cars from the big and small screen.

KITT - Knight Rider

Billionaire Micheal Knight had lots of charm and a fast and high-tech ride! His car was indestructible, could talk, and had all the fancy gadgets a  sleek crime-fighter might need. You could call KITT one true sidekick, who also had the most memorable, catchy one-liners. But if there is one thing we 80s junkies remember about the show, it is KITT's incredible speed!

DeLorean Time Machine - Back to the Future

Now, this was no ordinary car! It was a super cool time machine!  With the right amount of speed, it created a portal between the past and the future and was Doc's beloved masterpiece. Back in the 80s, every kid wanted to be Marty and take a trip through time in this hot number. Pretty awesome, hey?

Ectomobile - Ghostbusters

There's something fast in the neighbourhood! This cool Cadillac was initially an ambulance that was cleverly converted to the famous crime-fighting ghost-busting mobile. It was known for its unique look, extreme and rather odd-looking gadgets, and had the perfect amount of speed to catch up with those darn ghosts.


Batmobile - Batman

Dare we call it the fastest superhero car in the history of TV? The smooth, sleek, and sexy Batmobile was the ultimate ride for Gotham City's great hero. This personalised and heavily armoured vehicle was a real crime-fighting machine. It spent a lot of time tucked away in the secret Batcave, but when unleashed and driven by Batman, it was truly unstoppable.

The A-Team Van - The A-Team

This 1983 GMC Vandura cargo van was quite fast, but when it had the awesomely notorious Mr T behind the wheel, it became even faster! Hey, you need an uber fast ride when dealing with badass criminals and super fast getaways. There was always only one rule... nobody touches Mr T's Van! Speaking of vans: an honourable mention goes out to the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine that  Fred and the gang often sped off in when chased by those creepy ghouls and monsters.

Want to see more fast cars? Don't miss F9: The Fast Saga on Sunday 4 March at 20:05 on M-Net 101.

Photo credits: Alamy Stock Photo