FAQs – My Kitchen Rules SA

01 June 2021
Frequently asked questions.
MKR SA board1 FAQs

What is My Kitchen Rules?
My Kitchen Rules is a competitive cooking show where home cooks participate in teams of two to win a cash prize of R1m. The series has two phases. The first phase is the Instant Restaurant phase where a cooking team (2 close friends, partners, family) host other contestant teams and two celebrity chef judges in their own home. The second phase is a Challenge Knock-Out Competition where teams battle against each other in a series of cooking challenges in the MKR kitchen HQ and outside locations. 

Who are the judges?
The celebrity judges of My Kitchen Rules are David Higgs and J’Something who were judges in season 1 and season 2.

What is the prize for winning the show?
The winning team will get a cash prize of R1m.

How do I enter My Kitchen Rules?
Together with your cooking partner, you need to complete the online application on the My Kitchen Rules M-Net page: www.mnet.tv/mkrsa. Follow the prompts and complete the fields. No other method of entry is permitted. 

Where do I go to audition?
Auditions are online. The first stage will require that you fill out your details and upload some pics. Video upload also possible.

Who should enter?
M-Net is looking for authentic, honest, everyday South Africans who are passionate about cooking. You mut be entertaining, fun and adventurous. You must enter with another person: a close friend, family member, spouse, partner, etc. You will have to work together with your partner and against the clock to impress our two celebrity chef judges and your fellow competitors. The menus you prepare and the Instant Restaurants you design must show flair, innovation and – most of all – your personal style. 

Why do I have to enter with a partner?
Teams of two people are required for My Kitchen Rules – that’s how the show works.

Who should my partner be?
You and your partner must have a pre-existing and strong relationship. You must regularly enjoy cooking together. Your partner could be your spouse, your best friend, a fiancé, neighbour, cousin, parent or child… almost any type of serious relationship. The defining feature is that your partnership is natural and real. Your relationship must have developed over a number of years. Partnerships that are very new (less than a year) do not do well on the show statistically.

Is there an age restriction for entry?
Yes. Both team members must be 18 years old or older on 1 August 2021. 

Do I have to be a South African citizen?
Yes. You and your partner must both be South African citizens or have permanent residence status. You will be required to show proof of citizenship or residency in the application process. No exceptions will be made.

How much cooking experience do my partner and I need to have?
You should be someone who cooks a lot and all the time. You should be passionate about food and cooking. You should know your way around a kitchen, be skilled in food basics, have favourite recipes, and have a few culinary tricks up your sleeve. 

Is entry open to qualified chefs or professional cooks?
No. This is not a show for people with professional chef qualifications.

Are the contestant's food/ingredients sponsored or taken out of the stipend they receive?
All food required for the filming of the series will be provided by the production.

Is entry open to qualified chefs or professional cooks?
No. This is not a show for people with professional and accredited chef training or who are currently working professionally or semi-professionally in as cooks in the hospitality industry. Kindly notify the producers in your online application if you have done a course in cooking.

Where do I go to audition?
Auditions only happen online and you must complete the process with your partner. The first stage will require that you upload a video of you and your partner cooking together that is filmed by a third person.

Can employees or associates of the show enter the show?
Employees of Picture Tree, Electronic Media Network Propriety Limited or the MultiChoice Group of Companies or any of the M.I.H. Group of companies may not enter the show.

May I enter the show if I have been on other reality shows?
Yes, given that you disclose all the reality shows you have participated in.

Will a background check be done on all entrants?
If you are short-listed, you also agree to authorise the Producers to conduct background checks in order to verify any of the information supplied. Please note that consenting to these checks is no guarantee of being chosen to participate.

When will I be notified if I am successful or not?
You will only be contacted by the production company for further details should your entry be shortlisted. Should your entry be successful and shortlisted, the production company will contact you within 60 days of receipt of your application.

May I enter the show more than once to improve my chances?
Multiple entries per pair are not permitted. You may submit a second entry should you partner for entry change. Entries are only valid if correctly submitted on the entry platform.

Do I have to agree to all the terms and conditions to enter?
Your valid submission of your entry constitutes your binding acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.

When does filming take place?
Filming takes place over six weeks from 1 August to 15 September 2021. You will need to be available for a maximum six-and-a-half week period.

How much time off work will I need to take?
If you enter the show, you must be available between 1 August to 12 September 2021. You will be required to isolate for the duration of the shoot at a fixed location due to Covid filming requirements. You will therefore need to change to limited remote working for this period. If you are eliminated, you will spend less time filming so can expect to leave the location before the above end date.

When will My Kitchen Rules be broadcast?
The series will be broadcast from September to December 2021 on M-Net channel 101.

Is wardrobe provided or do we bring our own clothes?
You are required to bring your own clothes for the production.

Will there be any medical, physical or psychological screenings? 
If you are short listed by the Producers, you must be prepared to undergo psychological and medical screenings. Please note that the full details of this will be explained to you in advance.

Will I have control over what is put on air about me on the show?
You do not have editorial control of the content. The Producers decision on what to air is final but we will only ever use material provided to us by the participants.

Do I have to participate in every activity that is planned on the show?
That would be preferable but not everything is voluntary.

Will I get paid to compete?
No, but there will be a stipend issued for time away from home.

Can I quit at any stage?