FAQs: M-Net Plus One

11 May 2016
FAQs about M-Net's new time-shifted channel.
mnet plus one


  • What is M-Net Plus 1?

M-Net Plus 1 is a time-shifted channel that will give DStv Premium customers a chance to enjoy all the programming on M-Net 101 an hour later.


  • Why is M-Net introducing this channel to DStv Premium customers?

M-Net Plus 1 provides an excellent opportunity for many DStv customers who don’t have access to DStv Catch Up or DStv Now to enjoy shows that they might have missed on M-Net 101. Time-shifted channels that accommodate viewers with busy lifestyles have been a successful international trend.


  • Why is this only available to DStv Premium customers?

As M-Net 101 is exclusive to DStv Premium Customers, its time-shifted version, M-Net Plus 1 will also be available to DStv Premium customers only.


  • What is the channel number for M-Net Plus 1?

Channel 901.


  • What will happen to the current channel 901?


To accommodate M-Net Plus 1, The DMX Audio channels will now be on channels 750 onwards and the Radio channels from 800 onwards.


  • Why are you just giving us more repeats with M-Net Plus 1?

M-Net Plus 1 is an opportunity for customers who don’t have PVR to catch their favourite entertainment on M-Net 101, a little bit later. MultiChoice and its channel partners, like M-Net, conduct regular viewer research to understand what customers want to watch and how they want to watch it.


  • Why, as a DStv customer, would I want to see all the same shows I can watch on M-Net, an hour later?

M-Net Plus 1 is designed for  customers who don’t have a PVR and therefore don’t have access to DStv Catch Up, recordings or DStv Now. These customers will now have more flexibility in terms of when they can watch their favourite M-Net shows or the latest movies.


  • Is this just another opportunity for MultiChoice and M-Net to generate even more advertising revenue?


M-Net Plus 1 gives our customers who don’t have PVRs more flexibility about when they can watch their favourite shows and the latest movies. It is, however, first and foremost, designed to accommodate the viewing preferences of customers who do not have PVRs.