Express to Catch Up and first episodes FAQs

23 September 2015
From Thursday, 24 September M-Net will be bringing the latest international programming to viewers faster than ever before.
express to explora

Why is this only for DStv Premium customers?

This offer is a special treat exclusively for our Premium customers with a DStv Explora. The Explora has a lot more space than our other PVR decoders – this enables us to offer these kind of services.

Will I be able to view the four series if I am not a Premium customer nor have DStv Explora?

No. Express on the Explora is exclusive to Premium customers who have a DStv Explora.

How long will the series be available before they expire?

The four series will be available for viewing on DStv Catch Up for 14 days (2 weeks).

Will the series that are “Express on the Explora” be available on M-Net channel 101?

Yes. The four series will broadcast on M-Net as follows:

  • Limitless Season 1 on 23 March 2016 (M-Net channel 101)
  • Code Black Season 1 on 11 January 2016 (M-Net channel 101)
  • Blue Bloods Season 6 on 14 January 2016 (M-Net channel 101)  
  • Blacklist Season 3 on 3 May 2016 (M-Net channel 101).

How will the episodes be available?

There will be a stacking of two episode every two weeks.  

What are the times that the episodes will be available on Catch Up?  

  • Limitless Season 1: Thursday 24 September at 03:01
  • Code Black Season 1: Friday 2 October at 03:01
  • Blue Bloods Season 6  Sunday 27 September at 03:01
  • Blacklist Season 3 Saturday 3 October at 02:01

Which series will have first episodes available on Catch Up?  

Most shows that started in the last 2 weeks will have their first episodes available. Shows like Murder in the First, Night Shift and Power Couple.

Will these Express episodes have hearing impaired and family track? 

Because of the extraordinarily fast turn-around time all Express episodes unfortunately do not have a family track or hearing impaired titles.

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