DStv Halloween Night Run

02 November 2016
DStv brought on-screen horrors life with the #DStvHalloween night run.
DStv Halloween Run

It was the night before Christmas…no. Wrong night! It was a dark and stormy Halloween night…and what a thriller of a night it was!

The PwC Bike Park in Bryanston, Johannesburg opened its 2km trails for DStv’s first ever Halloween night run on 31 October. For 200 (un)lucky DStv subscribers, a run in the park turned out to be a creepy and frightful affair. Forget carved pumpkins, trick or treating, costumes and black cats crossing your path. While some of this helped set the scene, the real treats for the night were to be found in the dark.

The selected viewers, placed in small groups, were armed with a little lantern to guide their path and rope to tie them together. And into the woods they went. Just how easily could they scare? They were about to find out.

Just when you started getting comfortable walking and laughing…BOO! The unending shrieks and wails were the sounds that emanated from the toughest of the lot. Hearts stuck in throats at seeing haunted children along the trails. Nightmares became reality – the bloody clown, the dying zombie feasting on body parts, and re-enacted scenes of the possessed Emily Rose. The sounds and sights perfected by killer special effects matched the ghost faces of the entrants at the end of the run. Once you got a handle on your breathing…endless creatures dropped from the sky. Contorted, bloody and skeletal remains littered the trail.  The rickety bridges they crossed, the haunting sounds that rose from the ground and body parts at every turn fully immersed the brave souls in the reality of Halloween horror.


The loosely held rope that joined teammates at the start of the run became like a second skin as it bore into their bodies – holding teammates closer together.

The light at the end of the trail brought sighs of relief and deep breaths at having survived the experience. At the end of the night, all who were part of the event mentioned that the hope that next year would be even bigger and bigger. This year was the great fear test, showing just how much terror the runners could handle…and put their survival skills to the ultimate test.

At the end of the night, we’re certain they left the night’s horrors with the knowledge that watching their favourite movies and show in the comfort of their homes is nothing compared to taking part in a real-life, horror-filled Halloween experience.

We know what you will be doing next Halloween…running for your life!

It was a roaring success…if the screams and frightened faces were anything to go by! With enough time to rest your burning throat and get your heart back to its resting heart rate…until we do it again next year!