Dressed To Kill Part 2 - Why Women Kill

10 March 2020
Put on a dress, a smile, and a killer attitude.

Can't get enough of the drama, the fashion and the fantastic antics on Why Women Kill? Let's look at more of our favourite moments and of course fabulous outfits that these leading ladies blessed us with. We're totally dying for their wardrobe!

Scoring: 💚💚💚 - We'd spend our last cent on it. 💚💚💚💚 - We'd reveal our deepest darkest secret for it. 💚💚💚💚💚 - We'd have a catfight in the store to get this one!

A Sick Seduction
Beth Ann pulls off this sleek and seductive '60s look effortlessly. This blue and white number highlights all the right curves in all the right places to get Rob's heart beating faster. But dear Beth Ann drops a bombshell on him and tells a tall lie that she has a terminal illness. Easy love, you know that old saying, be careful what you wish for.

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How much we love this outfit: 💚💚💚💚

A Darling Desperate Wife
We envy this sweet green dress coupled with a pink apron that makes Beth Ann look like the perfect housewife. But alas, we know very well that looks can be oh so deceiving. It seems her plan to end April and Rob's affair once and for all is backfiring. This is one mess Beth Ann cannot simply clean up. There's dark and deadly trouble behind this perfect facade.

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​How much we love this outfit: 💚💚💚

It's Written in Black and White
This black and white masterpiece was tailor-made for the lovely Simone. She wears her hat like a crown. Simone is a Queen who wants to take control of her divorce and lays the cards on the table with Karl. However, after a dreadful dinner with the in-laws and discovering Karl's long lost secret lover who happens to be her ex hairdresser (clearly her hair wasn't the only thing he was working on!) she realises that her divorce isn't going to be simple. Is that why they say till death do us part?

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​How much we love this outfit: 💚💚💚💚💚

Saucy Satin
Simone goes on a rescue mission in this purple jumpsuit (that shows off her equally gorgeous figure) when she finds out that Naomi wants to take a peek at Tommy's diary, she must make sure that Naomi's eyes and the diary never meet! In hopes of distracting Naomi and out of desperation, she confesses about Karl's homosexuality. Oh, Simone, you need a diary of your own to write down all your sins.

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​​How much we love this outfit: 💚💚💚💚

Strong Sassy Soldier
We're loving the khaki army pants - not forgetting the signature leather jacket on the smart and sassy Taylor. She's not pleased when she finds out Eli bought Jade a car. Yes, a whole damn car! Eli's careless choices are causing chaos. When Jade refuses to return the gift, Taylor realises just how manipulative this damsel can be. Careful Jade, Taylor is one badass, and she's prepared for war!

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​​How much we love this outfit: 💚💚💚

We're so close to the end! Who will find themselves six feet under? Love, lies, and loads of daring drama continues on Why Women Kill, Mondays at 21:00 on M-Net 101.
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